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Coquitlam movers offers local moving services in the Coquitlam Area. We do long distance moves and packing as well. 

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Coquitlam Movers offers a wide range of services, from basic to premium.  The company is committed towards making your move as easy and stress-free possible with their free rates available for all moves over $500! 

We have professional movers that specialize in different types or moved goods depending on what you need done – they’re experienced enough so don’t worry about anything getting damaged during transport no matter how big or small the job may seem at first glance.

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Luckily for you, we have a movers team that’s dedicated to making your move as easy and stress-free as possible. From packing up all of the boxes in one trip so they’re ready when it is time for shipping or delivering them right into storage – our crew does everything!

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Pick your date, time and any extras such as boxes or padding


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We arrive on time to carefully load yor belongins


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We drive slowly to your new location and carefully unload


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You pay only when you’re completely satisfied with our work


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Coquitlam Movers will make your move as stress-free and worry free for you. We have a team of professional movers who are passionate about making sure that every single one our customers feels comfortable throughout their experience with us, which is why we go above and beyond in order to ensure the safety & security during each step from start until finish!

Coquitlam Movers moving company offers top quality services at an affordable price, furthermore we provide excellent customer service so if this sounds like something up yer alley give us call today

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Not a day goes by that we don’t get asked to help with some type of move. We have been providing full service moves for over 10 years now because no one does it better than the professionals at Coquitlam Moving Company! You will never need to worry about anything during your relocation, whether you’re packing up or unpacking once arrives in destination city – all while being 100% confident that everything was done on time and within budget thanks our comprehensive services.

Coquitlam Movers FAQ

It can be difficult to estimate the cost of your move, but you’ll want something in mind before hiring professionals. A full service job will likely run anywhere from $75-$200 an hour depending on how far and what time period it is during year ( winter vs summer). If budget isn’t really concern then consider hourly rates instead; just make sure there aren’t any extra fees like fuel surcharges which could unexpectedly add up!

If you’re looking for a more affordable option, many movers also offer hourly rates instead of flat rates. This can be a good option if you have a small move or are only moving a short distance. Just be sure to ask about any additional fees (like fuel surcharges) that may apply.

When you’re ready to move, a full-service moving company is your best option. They not only provide the labor and vehicles needed for this task. They also handle all aspects of packing up as well unloading at destination – from driving trucks or loading onto cargo vans right down getting rid any storage needs while between homes!

There are three main types of coverage available with different features to suit your needs. Limited liability protects against damages or loss in transit but does not cover additional expenses like market value drops below cost-of -goods; added valuation replaces damaged goods and comes at an expense based on current prices (which can change frequently). Full Valuing covers all losses including those due depreciation over time so you’re always protected no matter what happens!